Obama-Yes We Can!

Here’s a creative way to express idealism and nationalism. Why don’t our artists, which the Philippines is in great supply of, do something similar? Yes, we can!


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  1. Don Quixote said,

    May 9, 2008 at 8:30 am

    Everyone seems to think that Obama is good because he is: 1) different, 2) young, and 3) black. Just because he is something unqiue for US politics does not an ideal candidate make him. Barack HUSSEIN Obama has ties to radical Islamist groups that he is yet to explain. Obama’s best friend is a well known underworld figure. His own pastor has disowned him.

    Beware the “gift horse, ” for what it may bring unto our freedom loving peoples. This man who claims to have a better “change” may just change us all (forcefully) into something we have always avoided, something we do not want. Beware the islamists!

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