Heartless, Cruel, Insensitive

GMA is heartless, cruel and insensitive. In continuing with her US trip, it shows that GMA gives more importance to meeting Bush and likewise conitnuing her junket tour with her minions rather than attend to the grieving families of those killed in the sinking of Princess of the Stars and other victims of typhoon “Frank”. She chose to bask in royalty during this particular trip in the United States and enjoys it so much while the whole nation weeps and grieves. To borrow the words of Sen. Ernie Maceda, “Truly GMA and her cohorts, the Cabinet, the 56 Congressmen and everyone in the junket are modern day Neros.”

Para kay GMA at sa mga tutang kongresista na bitbit nito, mas importante pa na kanilang hanapin si Obama o McCain, makita ang laban ni Pacquiao, kaysa hanapin at makita ang mga nawawalang pasahero ng lumubog na barko. Balewala sa kanila ang hirap ng damdamin na dinadanas ng mga kamag-anak ng mga pasahero, dahil wala silang kikitain sa mga ito.

My heart bleeds to those who have perished during the typhoon and all those killed in the sinking of the Princess of the Stars. I join our grieving nation in praying for their souls.

JV Ejercito



Hello friends. The young turks are off to Silliman University in Dumagete on July 10 for our first university tour. I am personal stoked and hope that if any of you have friends, then you will ask them to listen or join in our dialogue with the youth.Thank you Prof. Liling Briones, our fairy godmother/guru for making this possible.

Unknown RTC judge is next Comelec commissioner

‘Republika ng Pila-pinas’

By Dan Mariano
June 18, 2008
The Manila Times

100 years of quality education


I am reprinting this call for youth volunteers for the 2010 elections, started by Team RP. I got this from my Ateneo e-mail. It is a call being started by young people now to form a large group of volunteers who will help make the 2010 elections an election that will involve the youth sector of the country. It is a campaign to ask the young to register, vote and monitor the elections results. I enjoin our readers to join them. Thank you — Danton


is the BIGGEST voter registration and education drive yet.

And we invite YOU to be a part of it!

By fusing the hippest in today’s youth culture with a compelling social message,
IamChange2010 will be a campaign like no other in the Philippines.

IamChange2010 shall feature:

1. an IamChange2010 Privilege Card for registered voters
2. bi-monthly national caravan with roadshows in 9 areas:

Cagayan de Oro
and Metro Manila

3. concert tours and coffee sessions
4. sports tournaments and arts competitions
5. Countdown to 2010 Billboard
6. Presidential Debate for the Youth
7. Election Night Wrap-up
8. much much more!

If you are interested, please send a letter of intent to kai.pastores@yahoo.com, including your preferred committees (for Documentation, Secretariat, Marketing, Promotions, Programs, Logistics, Media Relations, and IT). If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kai at 09178320120.

is brought to you by Team RP, a youth-led initiative to advocate and proactively work towards the fight for Truth, Accountability and Reform in our government. It is led by college students and young professionals who want to see genuine reform in our country, especially in our government leaders today.


JOIN IamChange2010 Today!

On GMA’s Marcos wealth policy by Mon Casiple

The recent US Supreme Court decision on the Arelma case was unfavorable to the Marcos human rights victims. It basically accepted the Philippine government’s argument that the Hawaii court erred in allowing 9,539 human rights victims to file a suit to recover the $35-million Merrill-Lynch funds. It called for the case to first be tried in the Philippines before American courts try it.

In so doing, it upheld the archaic argument for the sovereign immunity of states over the more internationally-accepted principle of superiority of human rights over an individual state’s sovereignty. The latter has been the growing international consensus, particularly when the International Criminal Court (ICC) came into being.

Whatever, the irony here is the fact that both the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) and the Madame Imelda Marcos are dancing the jig–both claim to have won in the US Supreme Court. Twenty-two years after EDSA I, the Arroyo government and the Marcoses are on the same side once again. No wonder, the government–-after Heidi Yorac died–-kept on losing and the Marcoses kept on winning their cases.

What we witness today is worst-kept secret of the Arroyo administration’s agreement with the Marcoses on the handling of the plundered Marcos wealth. Since the days of the Garcillano tapes and the first impeachment attempt, there has been a relaxation of relations between Malacañang, the PCGG and the Marcoses. We witnessed a PCGG commissioner’s dancing and beso-beso with Imelda during her birthday. We witnessed the brazen attempts of the Marcoses to get back their supposed PLDT shares and other sequestered properties. Then, there were the string of losing PCGG cases. The inevitable question is: who gets the commission?

At the other end of the scale, we are witness to an eight-year blockage of the human rights compensation bill by Arroyo’s Malacañang and its incessant fight abroad against attempts of the human rights victims to get at least part of the Marcos money for their successful judgment in the Hawaii human rights class suit. This administration, known for its extrajudicial killings and disappearances approaching that of the times of Marcos, has the same predilection for flaunting constitutional and human rights standards.

As it slips into its sunset moments, the Arroyo administration is ripe for judgment by the people. BY this latest affair, only major initiatives in relation to the Marcos human rights victims can deflect the coming condemnation of the Arroyo’s stint in the country’s politics.

Obama, Asia, and Muslims

On the 12th of June, American Presidential candidate Obama sent his warm greetings to Filipinos, joining us in our celebration of independence day. Should Obama win the American Presidential elections, then we will have a U.S. President with deep ties to Asia. His step father was an Indonesian – a Muslim which is something that I, as a Filipino Muslim, find positive – and he spent some years of his childhood in Indonesia. Hopefully, his ties with Asia will mean even better relations with the Philippines.

Ang ating mahal na Pangulo by Ducky Paredes

Obama greets Filipinos on Independence Day

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