J Lo, Father Ed, and the Young Turks

It’s a blog world! We are reprinting the red-hot blog entry of journalist par excellence Ellen Tordesillas. She noted that Jun Lozada, Governor Among Ed of Pampanga and the Young Turks have joined the brave, new world of cyberspace. The more ideas for change, the better. And did you notice that GMA has been doing some good, belated bits and pieces regarding the extension of Agrarian Reform, et al? Personally, I think she is too late. At sa klase sa school, pag ten minutes late, absent na. Last two minutes, last two minutes! – Danton

From Ellen Tordesillas

Last Friday, at the forum organized by the Concerned Citizens Group at the Manila Polo Club, UP students who are active in the blogging said NBN/ZTE star witness Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada will be launching his own blog.

Restricted by security and logistic concerns from going around the country, Lozada uses cyber technology. Today, Inquirer has this story:Jun Lozada launches blog aimed at the youth.

On June 7, Gov. Ed Panlilio will also launch his blog.

Recently, the Young Turks (Adel Tamano, JV Ejercito, Danton Remoto,Gilbert Remulla, TG Guingona, Erin Tañada) also launched their blog. Check this out:https://oppositeofapathy.wordpress.com


  1. wehavenoname said,

    June 2, 2008 at 10:33 am

    Jun Lozada should continue his crusade and quest for ‘truth’. Don’t be discouraged by your detractors’ , Malacanang’s lapdogs’ criticisms. As long as you are fighting for what is right, then you can never go wrong.

    The youth should continue supporting the crusade of Jun Lozada specially that classes are about to open.

    Kilos Kabataan, Tuloy ang Laban!!!

  2. June 4, 2008 at 4:59 am

    Mabuhay kayo sa pasiya ninyong magsimula pa pagba-blog upang magpag-usapan ang mga isyung nais talikuran at ikubli ng kasalukuyan pamahalaan. Tunay lamang na yayabong at titibay ang demokrasya kung hahawakan ng mga karaniwang Filipino ang tadhana ng baya at hindi ito ipaubaya sa mga sakim at mga naghahariharian.

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