Gathering of Democracy Icons

June 7, 2008 at 12:24 am
Gathering of democracy icons
Gathering of Democracy Icons
Former President Joseph Estrada hosted a dinner Friday night for Malaysian former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and his wife, Datin Seri Wan Azizah, and former President Cory Aquino Friday.
Following is the account of Estrada spokesperson Margaux Salcedo:
Ibrahim arrived at 7 p.m. sharp at Estrada’s residence at #1 Polk Street, North Greenhills. He was accompanied by his wife, Opposition Leader and Member of Parliament Datin Seri Wan Azizah.
The couple were personally greeted by Estrada and Cory Aquino, who had arrived earlier with his son Senator Noynoy Aquino, and by former cabinet members of the Estrada administration who had met Anwar in the past, including Sec. Jose Pardo and Sec. Ben Diokno.
“This is a coming together of icons of democracy,” Estrada said.
Mrs. Aquino was looking quite strong and was in very jovial spirits.
It was the first meeting of Anwar and Estrada since they both got out of prison. “This is important to me because he is more than a friend to me, he is like family,” Anwar said of Estrada. Asked what he liked most about Estrada, Anwar said, “It is his passion for the poor that amazes me the most. I really see his sincerity in trying to uplift the plight of the masses.” Estrada returned the compliment, saying that Anwar was “not only brilliant but also sincere.”
Azizah said this meeting is important to them because they had been wanting to visit former President Estrada when he was incarcerated, but they were not allowed to do so by the government.
Dinner was an elaborate fine-dining experience catered by French Corner Chef Billy King, but the mood was very casual and pleasant. The dinner fare included lamb, roast beef, sea bass and lobster. This was followed by an evening of song where Estrada sang traditional Filipino songs to the delight of the Malaysians.
Earlier in the afternoon, Anwar spoke at a forum in the RCBC auditorium organized by the De La Salle College of Business and Economics, the Ramon V del Rosario Sr. Graduate School of Business, and the Asian Institute of Democracy.


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