Survey Showing Rise In Public Pessimism: UNO

Survey showing rise in public pessimism over economy shows GMA really divorced from reality: UNO

The United Opposition (UNO) today blamed poor governance arising from the incompetence and apparent loss of credibility of the Arroyo government for the prevailing pessimism harboured by a growing number of Filipinos who see more tough times ahead for the country in the face of the current crises in food, energy and other basic needs.

UNO spokesman lawyer Adel Tamano said the latest Social Weather Station (SWS) survey showing that half of Filipinos see the national economy getting worse under the Arroyo administration was proof that the publicity campaign launched recently by Malacañang has failed to cover up the glaring economic mismanagement and corruption of President Arroyo and her cronies.

The latest survey by the SWS found that compared to twelve months ago, those saying their lives had worsened rose from 45 percent of respondents in the previous quarter to 50 percent. The number of those saying their lives had improved barely changed.

“It is sad to learn that our historically brave countrymen seem to have lost hope. It is the only plausible reason why even in the face of danger Filipinos seek for their fortunes abroad because of the worsening crisis and corruption in the national government,” UNO National Capital Region chairman and San Juan Mayor JV Ejercito said.

“We hope that President Arroyo realizes on Independence Day that to free us from poverty, what we need are not meaningless ‘dole outs’ but by her ‘getting out’ of Malacañang,” Ejercito added.

Tamano said that the SWS survey numbers were hardly a surprise. “When the majority of the people are poor and hungry they are naturally pessimistic,” Tamano explained.

“They become even more pessimistic when they see giant tarpaulins with President Arroyo’s visage proclaiming ‘ramdam ang kaunlaran’. Who would not lose hope when they see their leaders so divorced from reality and callous enough to claim economic progress while the poor are lining up for rice and electricity refunds,” he added.

The public service survey was conducted last March over 1,200 adults from Metro Manila, the Balance of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao questioned trends in personal quality of life and the economy. The survey noted that more Filipinos were pessimistic that the Philippine economy would get worse. While 37 percent saw worse times ahead in December 2007, 45 percent now are pessimistic about the country’s economic well-being. The survey added that most of those who were pessimistic were in the C, D, and E classes.


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