Obama, Asia, and Muslims

On the 12th of June, American Presidential candidate Obama sent his warm greetings to Filipinos, joining us in our celebration of independence day. Should Obama win the American Presidential elections, then we will have a U.S. President with deep ties to Asia. His step father was an Indonesian – a Muslim which is something that I, as a Filipino Muslim, find positive – and he spent some years of his childhood in Indonesia. Hopefully, his ties with Asia will mean even better relations with the Philippines.



  1. Angela Manahan said,

    August 6, 2008 at 7:07 am

    I am a huge Obama fan, and am so pleased to find your Obama Corner. I’m always surprised how at bookstores or dinner tables there’ll be someone who’ll inevitably say, “But is America ready for a black president?” So many are so quick to dismiss him – he’s too smooth, too young, too black. Rev. Jesse Jackson’s recent defamatory comments about him showed that while African-Americans will vote for Obama, his meteoric rise and success has forced them to look at themselves in the mirror, and it makes them uncomfortable. I’ve watched Obama give dozens of speeches, and just like the first one I saw during the 2004 Democratic Convention, I am always transported, moved by the clarity of his vision and his message of hope. Even Bill O’Reilly who admits that he’s jaded and seen it all, said that attending an Obama rally and listening to him speak was electrifying and moved him to tears. Obama’s made his own luck and created his own magic. From a precarious childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia, to being editor of the Harvard Law Review, to adopting a state that’s completely alien to him for which he ran for senator, to clinching the democratic nominaton – what a heady ride he’s had. It impressed me that even during the nastiest moments of his countless debates with Hillary, he remained gracious and unruffled. Obama is a rockstar and likely future leader of the free world rolled into one. He really has made politics cool again.

  2. jt said,

    August 7, 2008 at 2:00 pm


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