I am reprinting this call for youth volunteers for the 2010 elections, started by Team RP. I got this from my Ateneo e-mail. It is a call being started by young people now to form a large group of volunteers who will help make the 2010 elections an election that will involve the youth sector of the country. It is a campaign to ask the young to register, vote and monitor the elections results. I enjoin our readers to join them. Thank you — Danton


is the BIGGEST voter registration and education drive yet.

And we invite YOU to be a part of it!

By fusing the hippest in today’s youth culture with a compelling social message,
IamChange2010 will be a campaign like no other in the Philippines.

IamChange2010 shall feature:

1. an IamChange2010 Privilege Card for registered voters
2. bi-monthly national caravan with roadshows in 9 areas:

Cagayan de Oro
and Metro Manila

3. concert tours and coffee sessions
4. sports tournaments and arts competitions
5. Countdown to 2010 Billboard
6. Presidential Debate for the Youth
7. Election Night Wrap-up
8. much much more!

If you are interested, please send a letter of intent to kai.pastores@yahoo.com, including your preferred committees (for Documentation, Secretariat, Marketing, Promotions, Programs, Logistics, Media Relations, and IT). If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kai at 09178320120.

is brought to you by Team RP, a youth-led initiative to advocate and proactively work towards the fight for Truth, Accountability and Reform in our government. It is led by college students and young professionals who want to see genuine reform in our country, especially in our government leaders today.


JOIN IamChange2010 Today!


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