Heartless, Cruel, Insensitive

GMA is heartless, cruel and insensitive. In continuing with her US trip, it shows that GMA gives more importance to meeting Bush and likewise conitnuing her junket tour with her minions rather than attend to the grieving families of those killed in the sinking of Princess of the Stars and other victims of typhoon “Frank”. She chose to bask in royalty during this particular trip in the United States and enjoys it so much while the whole nation weeps and grieves. To borrow the words of Sen. Ernie Maceda, “Truly GMA and her cohorts, the Cabinet, the 56 Congressmen and everyone in the junket are modern day Neros.”

Para kay GMA at sa mga tutang kongresista na bitbit nito, mas importante pa na kanilang hanapin si Obama o McCain, makita ang laban ni Pacquiao, kaysa hanapin at makita ang mga nawawalang pasahero ng lumubog na barko. Balewala sa kanila ang hirap ng damdamin na dinadanas ng mga kamag-anak ng mga pasahero, dahil wala silang kikitain sa mga ito.

My heart bleeds to those who have perished during the typhoon and all those killed in the sinking of the Princess of the Stars. I join our grieving nation in praying for their souls.

JV Ejercito



  1. johnelyn kim said,

    June 29, 2008 at 11:54 am

    wala naman siyang makukuhang ganansya kung pagtutuunan niya ang patay kesa sa pagsipsip sa amo niya.

    haru haru..

    wala namang bago

  2. Yuko said,

    July 1, 2008 at 10:09 am

    Who says the Gloria cares? She doesn’t. She’s incapable of that. Otherwise, she would have not left at all with the warnings about the strong typhoon before she left for the US. And look where she went to immediately after coming back to the Philippines. She was off to attend a fiesta in Baler!

    That is insensitivity indeed! I doubt if Fukuda of Japan would dare do the same, but then the Japanese are not like the Filipinos! Over here, people have no qualms cutting bellies, etc. when they witness such insensitivity! And corrupt officials go to jail if they cannot hang themselves from some hotel curtain rail or jump from tall buildings head-down.

    I wish Gloria Dorobo would do the same! Golly, tumaba pa yata sa dami ng steaks na inubos sa US of A!

  3. Yuko said,

    July 1, 2008 at 10:30 am

    I am sure glad to hear that Obama did not meet with the limelight grabber (di lang power-grabber) trying hard to get some publicity that she apparently failed to generate as when Koizumi for instance visited Canada and Dubya even sent a plane there to fetch the ex-Japanese PM to take him to Graceland and the Bush ranch in Texas.

    Si Midget, takaw na takaw pa for some CNN interview that she deliberately have arranged with the reported even invited to some banquet but was apparently more interested in the disaster in the Philippines caused by Fengshen than in promoting Gloria the Dorobo, who really looked terrible with her thick make-up that made her look like a fully made-up cadaver ready to be put in a coffin!!! 😛

    I am in fact a supporter of Barack Obama, and was telling myself that I would stop supporting him if he would give to the caprice of the idiot. He did not, and that was good enough proof to me that this candidate deserves to win the US presidential race. Iyan ang kandidato!

    But why would the idiot want to meet McCain and Obama? What good would it do the Philippines and Filipinos? I remember a similar visit (state visit in fact, not working visit as this one of the dorobo) by deposed President Estrada in September 2000. Did he try the same trick of trying to visit Dubya or Al Gore during the campaign? No, he did not! That just shows the actor has more delikadeza than the D-Phil (daw) who actually needs to go to some finishing school and learn some good manner and right conduct!!! Pag umupo nga kita pa ang panty sa totoo lang. Tapos nakatawa, labas ang malalaking ngipin! Yuck!

  4. Yuko said,

    July 1, 2008 at 10:44 am

    Sorry for the typo, etc. error, but I’ve been having a little trouble with this computer that I have in my TV room, and I get this warning about some spyware (courtesy perhaps for the dorobos) being sent to die-hard anti-Dorobo like yours truly that makes the computer go heywired causing the posted messages to have errors like “reported” as in the above instead of “reporter” or “would give to the caprice” instead of “would give in to the caprice.”

    Tindi talaga ng Internet Brigade ni Pidal. At least, over here, I see that the moderators have kept the blog “quarantined” and more secured for people like yours truly. You learn a lot more talking with sensible people regardless of whether or not they share your opinion, etc.., and at least know some decorum.

  5. Jack said,

    July 10, 2008 at 2:15 pm

    Ang isa pang malupit nito, at sobrang kagarapalan ni gloria, ay NAGPAHINTAY pa siya, bago dalhin ang mga relief goods sa most affected areas ni Typhoon Frank. Kaya, nuong dumating sila, galing ‘Merika”, lumipat sa Villamor Air Base, at lumipad patungo sa nasalanta ng Bagyo. Maari namang ipina-una yung mga relief goods, hindi na siya kailangan hintayin. Photo Ooops! Loads of profanity is on my mind right now, unprintable lang, and as courtesy to mayor JV and his colleagues_The Young Turks. Sa aking tingin, wala ng katapusan ang pagdurusa ng mamamayang Pilipino, hanggat hindi tayo nag kakaisa at ipaglaban ang ating karapatan upang mapaalis na si gloria. Kung susuriin nating mabuti : Ninakaw ni gloria ang puwesto niya, ano pa ang ating aasahan, kundi ang pagnakawan tayong mamamayan! Alis Na gloria! Mahiya Ka Na at sampu ng iyong pamilya at Ka-pamilya!
    I salute you Mayor JV and the Young Turks! You are the torch bearers of the future of the Philippines, Praying that you do not get sidetracked, I am confident you would allow to be sidetracked!

  6. Jack said,

    July 10, 2008 at 2:21 pm

    Siyanga pala, all the best to your sojourn in Siliman University! and to teh people of Dumaguete ; “You are doubly Blessed for inviting the Young Turks to your city…” Wish, other cities cities would follow your lead, in order for the whole Archipelago to become wary of the problems besetting them are the worls of the Mal-Administration of gloria and her minions!
    Thank you Dumaguete for taking care of these Young Turks!

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