Election Campaign E-Book by Eero Brillantes

An E-book on analyzing the “Disposition of Forces in Election Campaigns” is now available for viewing or downloading as a pdf file. It is written by Eero Rosini P. Brillantes as a sneak preview to his book “Election Ops: Strategy. Deployment. Victory.” As the 2010 national elections heats up next year, the book will serve as a field manual for election campaigners, political operatives, and communication specialists. To access the e-book, please go to www.brainbang-mindbullet.blogspot.com.



  1. liling magtolis briones said,

    August 19, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    I agree that it is important to learn how to conduct campaigns. However, it is even more important to process what will be the content of the campaigns. Commitment is necessary. You campaign because you believe in your product, your candidate and your program. You don’t campaign because you are hired.

    Liling Magtolis Briones

  2. August 20, 2008 at 8:26 am

    True madam. No amount of spin or packaging will suffice if there is no truth to the claims.

    But in circumspection let me say this. Even campaigns taken on by several civil society groups are not necessarily pure in intentions. How many times have we witnessed political advocacy campaigns led by cause oriented groups that are fund driven? How many times have we witnessed NGOs and POs retrofit their whole organization because of the shift in priorities of funding agencies? How many times have we seen the NGOs and POs, in the spirit of “constructive engagement” act as “kontratista” to government projects even if we know policy positions are diametically opposed.

    The book is a field manual on how to better handle election campaigns. Whether people get hired or volunteer along the way, this book is for them.

    In spirit po,

    Eero Brillantes

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