Tamano Reacts to Speakers at Ateneo MOA Forum

Allow me to share the points that I raised as a reactor to the forum in the Ateneo de Manila University, College of Law, last Friday, which will help to clarify the issues regarding the MOA on ancestral Domain between the GRP and the MILF


Speaker: Olayer – human rights advocate who informed us that there were nearly 130,000 IDPs or internally displaced persons as a result of the recent conflict in Mindanao

– My Reaction → It breaks your heart to see the real face of war, specifically the suffering of IDPs and civilians, which must remind everyone that war and violence are always a non-option

Speaker: Atty. Candelaria – GRP Panel Member. He said that the sad situation “could have been prevented”

– My Reaction → I agree had the GMA Administration been transparent and sought consensus of all stakeholders not just the MILF but also, among others, the MNLF, the local leaders, the lumads, and the Christian-dominated communities that would be affected by the creation of the BJE– and yes even the members of Congress to whom the Constitution has allocated the power, save for a People’s Initiative, of suggesting amendments to the Charter. As a fellow Constitutional Law professor Atty. Candelaria knows that due process – a sense of basic and fundamental fairness to all stakeholders, and that includes you and me – demands a broad consultation.

Speaker: Atty. Zen Malang – Peace Process Analyst who said (1) Why can’t we change the Constitution to resolve the Mindanao Conflict? We have changed the Constitution many times in our history, (2) that there were Moro Nation-States before the coming of the Spaniards, and (3) that those opposing MOA pandering to prejudice and xenophobia

– My Reaction to No. (1) → Sure that is an option but aren’t there other intra-constitutional solutions to the Mindanao Conflict. The MOA, simply, is a false idol. It is not the only solution to the Mindanao conflict and not a panacea or a magic-bullet to solve the problems of peace between Muslim and Christians.

– My Reaction to No. (2) → I won’t even assail the correctness of the historical claims of Atty. Malang but the simple historical fact – painful as it is – is that these so-called “Moro nation-states” were later subjugated as was the rest of what would later become the Philippine Republic. While there is a need to address the historical injustices done to Moros, similar to the situation of Indians and Aborigines in the Americas and Australia. But America and Australia did not create a separate State just for them. Again, very simply the MOA is a false idol and there are alternatives to it.

– My Reaction to No. (3) →Finally, not all those who oppose the MOA are pandering to prejudice and xenophobia, there are some who oppose the MOA for valid, reasonable, and even patriotic, reasons. Also, the proponents of the MOA do not have a monopoly of altruism, commitment to peace, and love for the Moros. Perhaps the MOA oppositors have some of this too.

Speaker: Father Bernas

– Out of respect for my Professor in Constitutional Law, I will not react to the points that he has raised

Speaker: Senator Frank Drilon

– Since we are co-petitioners questioning the MOA-AD, I affirm all the points raised by Senator Drilon

My Last Point → How ironic it is that – as some of you may know – today we celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream Speech” where a commitment to non-violence and a commitment – not to separation by oppressed communities – but to integration with justice was expounded. How sad it is that throughout modern history, in the vast majority of nation-states, people of different creeds, faiths, and even races can come together as one nation and here we are in the Philippines, the claim is made, through the MOA, that the only solution to peace is for Muslims and Christians to live apart, Muslims in BJE and Christians elsewhere.

We all want peace but the price that the MOA asks of us is too high and the MOA is, ultimately, on the wrong side of history.



  1. leni said,

    September 2, 2008 at 5:21 am

    Hi sir adel! I hope to see you in UPLB on September 11 and enlighten us more on the issue on Mindanao. We are excited to see young leaders to step up and express themselves based on truth, democracy and peace. We need principled visionaries who can inspire and lead this country and its people to its ultimate capacity.

  2. kim said,

    September 2, 2008 at 8:22 am

    right to self determination..
    ayan ang gusto nila..
    lugar nila iyan..
    ibigay natin..
    sino ba tayu?
    wag tayung maging sobrang nasyunalista..
    wag gamitin ang gera..
    nagiging despotiko na tayu..
    ibigay at igalang ang kagustuhan ng moro..
    tutulan ang chacha..
    maglinaw kasi kung sino ang tunay na kaaway..

  3. liling magtolis briones said,

    September 2, 2008 at 9:13 am

    carry on Adel! hindi ka nag-iisa!

    Prof. Liling

  4. am said,

    September 4, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    For those of us who weren’t there, what were the points that Father Bernas raised? Surely there is room for discussion even with those whom you don’t agree with. What did he say?

  5. jhanon tomawis sobair said,

    September 11, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    pag muslim-related ang news on tv eh laging negative ang news about Muslims. lagi na lang naji-generalize na pag gumawa ng masama eh “Muslim” kagad ang ginagamit. pag ang SUNDALO ang nakakapatay ng civilian dito sa mindanao eh sinasabing COLLATERAL DAMAGE tapos pag inakusahan ay “rebelde” kuno eh demanda, patong sa ulo na milyones o di kaya’y kriminal o pumapatay ng walang dahilan.

    simple naman ang problema eh. HALATA na ayaw ng ibang non-Muslims sa mga Muslim, ang MEDIA eh anti-Muslims din at times at higit sa lahat eh ang gobyerno ay ayaw sa Muslim. oh, eh di kung hindi ba naman wala sa katinuan ng pag-iisip ang mga to eh bakit HINDI NA LANG BIGYANG LAYA ANG BANGSAMORO at hayaan na lang ang mga Muslim sa Mindanao TO LIVE ON THEIR OWN?

    ang gulo nyo ha. AYAW NYO SA MUSLIM TAPOS NANG DAHIL AYAW NYO NAMAN NA PAKAWALAN O BIGYANG LAYA SILA EH GINIGYERA NYO ANG ILANG LUGAR SA MINDANAO? sundalo, ilaga, pulis, CV’s o anti-MILF/BJE eh pare-pareho lang kayong lahat na pumapatay sa mga Muslim dito sa Mindanao at nang dahil doon ay halatang dinudungisan nyo ang relihiyong Islam sa mga pinaggagawa nyo. MAGPAKATOTOO KAYO AT MAGING SINCERE. dahil ano mang approach ang gawin ng gobyerno o ng mga nagmamarunong kuno eh kaming mga Muslim sa Mindanao ay GUSTO nh LUMAYA. ayaw naming pinamumunuan kami ng mga KAFIR! hindi ba kayo naaawa sa aming mga civilian dito. puro kayo satsat na kunyari matatalino eh hindi naman kayo nakakatulong dahil pasikat-effect lang kayo. masakit pero iyan ang totoo.

  6. jhanon tomawis sobair said,

    September 11, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    ngayon, super dami na ang namamatay na mga sundalo dito sa lanao at hindi pinapakita sa TV. ano yan, ayaw ipalabas dahil nakaka-demoralize sa hanay ng hukbong sandatahan? come on! be real! be sensible!

  7. jhanon tomawis sobair said,

    September 11, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    skaki atty. adel na THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. it doesn’t follow that because harvard grad ka na MATALINO ka. idolo kita noon pero sa klase ng pananaw mo sa Bangsamoro na naawa ako sa’yo atty. dakaki sowa ki ama aka a senator tamano ago si bapa aka a atty. jun abbas a mga ala i paninindug ko kabnar o mga bangsa iran a mga Muslim. tawbat kaki atty. ka NAGPAPADALA KA SA “KABAITAN” NG MGA TAO SA PALIGID MO NA AKALA MO EH MGA TOTOONG TAO EH YON PALA GUSTO KA LANG DIN NILANG MAGING KATULAD NILANG “MISLEADED” DAHIL MUSLIM KA. tandaan mo na ang isang KAFIR WILL NEVER BE GOOD TOWARDS A MUSLIM. ang buhay hindi lang puro pera at talino. kelangan din ang PUSO dahil pag walang puso, INSENSITIVE KA SA KARAPATAN NG IBA.

  8. jhanon tomawis sobair said,

    September 11, 2008 at 3:20 pm


  9. nikki said,

    September 25, 2008 at 3:52 am

    don’t be affected in any issues that they throwing you. just help the bangsamoro to get their aims, for us to separate a new government so that we can have a lot of improvements.

  10. nikki said,

    September 25, 2008 at 4:04 am

    i hope you always support the bangsamoro movement to not to be harmed. i think you are the only one who can defend the m and the civilians also. mwah! you’re my idol since when i am in high school> i’m always fantasizing you in TV as well as you’re brother akil . now that im in msu’ 2nd year college, taking up IR I HAVE A PLAN TO BECOME A LAWYERyoure my inspiration to REACH MY GOAL someday, insha ALLAH!

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