Representative Lorenzo “Erin” R. Tañada expressed confidence that the Senate would rigorously analyze the implications of the side notes that were submitted to supposedly cure the constitutional infirmities that JPEPA has.

“Yet, we should not gloss over the fact that JPEPA actually still faces outright rejection from the Senate because of the bungling of our own negotiators in handling it. It is still very much possible that the side notes are not sufficient to address those defects. The side notes must be made public but let us not forget, our negotiators should be held accountable for putting our country in an embarrassing position,” he said.

The JPEPA problems could have been avoided if we have a Philippine Trade Representative Office that is mandated to seek a priori negotiating mandate from Congress, effectively consult with various stakeholders, have a strong research and legal arm and be the overall seer of all trade negotiating efforts. Such a proposal is embodied in House Bill 318 and House Bill 949 authored by Representative Tañada and Speaker Prospero Nograles respectively. The bill has passed the Committee on Government Reorganization and is merely awaiting approval of the Committee on Appropriations. A counterpart measure authored by Senator Mar Roxas is pending in the Senate.


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  1. Axel said,

    September 6, 2008 at 6:51 am

    I really think that the people who negotiated for this should be held responsible. It’s either they have a hidden motive for this or they aren’t just doing their job well enough.

    Even though we belong to the 3rd World Country, we should not be dictated or pressured by the Government of the other countries. We must show them that we are not push overs and that we can make it on our own if all of us work to together.

    *Off topic: Mr. Pres. Tamano, I would just like to congratulate you for being the new President of PLM. I am already an alumni and I also heard your guesting on Good times with Mo. I really wanted to call but the line is too busy. I also wanted to say that the new students are lucky to have you as their new Pres. You are also a breath of fresh air for everyone their.

    Keep up the Good Work!!

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