Message to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on her birthday

Mrs. Arroyo,

I deleted the word “dear” in the salutation for obvious reasons. But I am being negative, and this is no time for that.

In fact, I wish to wish you a “Happy Birthday.”

Birthdays are opportune time to look into ourselves and reflect. Are we living the life God wanted us to live? Are we making positive impact on the lives of the people we are duty bound to serve?

I am sure there will be parties and celebrations today. No matter how “simple” (as your apologists want to project it), there will still be your minions, your cronies, the people who benefit from your administration to wine and dine with you.

Meanwhile, the poor will continue to fight over the crumbs.

Many of those who will attend your parties, no doubt, will praise you and your government. But if you look behind their backs, you will chance upon their crossed- fingers, hoping you leave the Palace soon. And for good.

Mrs. Arroyo, birthdays are best spent with peace of mind — with the knowledge that no one wishes us ill. Birthday, to be really happy, is meant to be shared in the spirit of love and respect — not ass-licking and self-indulgent press releases.

For a president like you, no matter the circumstances that brought you there, to have a real meaningful birthday is to be able to face the people without fear they want you out, or worse deposed; a real happy birthday is that which is celebrated because you know you have done your duties, and did these well; that you did not cheat and robbed the people of their hope.

Too bad you will not have any of that. Mrs. Arroyo, do yourself a favor. Leave the Palace as soon as you can. Perhaps time will come when you can have a real happy birthday.

I wish to wish you a happy birthday.

San Juan City



  1. Blade said,

    April 5, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    A very birthday message which is very fitting to the greediest occupant of Malacanang! To think that she was not even elected by the people in a clean and honest election!

  2. Lisa Araneta said,

    April 14, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    There’s a special place reserved for Mrs Arroyo, her husband Mike, Norberto Manero, Claudio Teehankee Jr, Romy Jalosjos, and the recently pardoned and soon to be released murderer Rodolfo Manalili where they can all hold hands for eternity.

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