Comments and Criticism – Keep Em Coming!

Thank you for all the expressions of support as well as for the criticisms. This comment from Carlo was especially insightful –

Its good for the group to take some criticisms. After all, this isn’t some fans club of any politician. Just be prepared for the youth to set their guns on you especially on your members who are obviously trapos in the making in my opinion. The youth aren’t stupid after all and we do have our own intelligent opinion.

I agree one hundred percent with Carlo because I think that anyone who wants to enter the public field – whether in public service, in film or entertainment, as a writer, etc. – has to expect criticism. Especially for those interested in issues of governance, the free market of ideas will winnow the good ideas from the bad ones. Also, the heat of critique should keep us young turks from getting swell-headed, pompous, and self-righteous, which are the usual sins of the trapos.

Another good comment/critique comes from RedBaron, who says –

Forgive the cynicism. I am all for change and I welcome the initiative from the four who appeared @ ANC, but isnt this just an alternative campaign vehicle for 2010?

In any case, I am looking forward to OPEN sharing of NEW ideas from all relevant participants.

This is me getting on the “ship called HOPE”.

The “alternative campaign vehicle” comment is a good point. The answer to that is that perhaps it could be: the young turks don’t hide the fact that we would be happy to have an opportunity to serve our country, either as an elected official or in another capacity, but that should not detract from the idealism and nationalism that we are trying to instill by this initiative. And RedBaron, it an honor for us to sail with you.

Lastly, Chino’s comment on the role of the opposition in creating the current problems of the country are well taken. Chino said –

I just want to react to your statement in the radio show that “those who are in the administration will have a hard time in your group because they are part of the problem”. Do you not realize that the opposition is ALSO a big part of the problem

While it is true that the opposition has some responsibility in regard the country’s problems like the rice crisis, crushing poverty, unabated poverty, among others, however, the lion’s share of the blame should fall squarely on the current administration. It’s simply command responsibility. Underlying this comment is the sentiment that the opposition should not be self-righteous. Point well taken and, certainly, the opposition is not composed of saints and angels. Let us be frank that there are corrupt, immoral, and dishonest members of the opposition but – and this is the important point – the opposition did not inflict “hello garci”, the fertilizer scam, the rice crisis a.k.a not having an adequate food security program, and extra-judicial killings on the Filipino people. The GMA Administration did.

Lastly, please keep the comments – whether positive or negative – coming.

– Atty. Adel Tamano


Negative Comments-We Like

I’m not surprised that there are some comments on this blog that express cynicism and disbelief at what we are doing here. For example, this comment from –

All that is required for a neophyte who wants to enter and make a difference in Philippine politics is for all good men to become a genuine member to the group of young turks,the eliminators of “Trapos”…lol he he he!

We know that our attempt at having a conversation with the youth on reforming the country will be viewed by some as either silly or self-serving. Fine, people are entitled to their opinions but we won’t let that stop us from doing what we think is good for the country. Also, keep those negative comments coming – it will just inspire us to work harder and be more creative in trying to reach out to the youth. Also, just by your act of giving a comment, you have, in fact, started the conversation on what we should do to help move this country forward. So, thank you.

– Atty. Adel Tamano