Negative Comments-We Like

I’m not surprised that there are some comments on this blog that express cynicism and disbelief at what we are doing here. For example, this comment from –

All that is required for a neophyte who wants to enter and make a difference in Philippine politics is for all good men to become a genuine member to the group of young turks,the eliminators of “Trapos”…lol he he he!

We know that our attempt at having a conversation with the youth on reforming the country will be viewed by some as either silly or self-serving. Fine, people are entitled to their opinions but we won’t let that stop us from doing what we think is good for the country. Also, keep those negative comments coming – it will just inspire us to work harder and be more creative in trying to reach out to the youth. Also, just by your act of giving a comment, you have, in fact, started the conversation on what we should do to help move this country forward. So, thank you.

– Atty. Adel Tamano