running in 2010


Most likely I will not be running for the Senate in 2010 since my brother is up for re-election. It will be hard since the machinery, the resources would be split in case we both run at the same time.

My best chance was last 2007, had I went through my candidacy, modesty aside I would have made it in the magic 12 as surveys have shown. With the opposition bandwagon, I would have been a Senator by now.

But I had to give way so that the opposition may be united. It was a big sacrifice and I must admit, it was a hard one too. But I always look at the bigger picture, I think my sacrifice would benefit the opposition, which would stand as a safeguard against the inept and scandal-ridden Arroyo regime.

If I was able to make the sacrifice of being a Senator last election, that goes to show that my personal interest is only secondary to the interest of our country.

I would always keep the fire and idealism of the youth burning, whether I am in the Senate or not.

May pag-asa,

JV Ejercito